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Nous offrons de nouveaux produits à quantité limité. Pour réserver le vôtre, vous devez acheter le produit. Celui-ci vous sera livré au printemps 2024! La date exacte vous sera communiqué dès que disponible.

To maintain optimal performance, ensure that solar panels are free of debris, dust, snow and any other environmental components that may settle on them. Be sure to replace the batteries every 3 to 5 years with our replacement batteries to ensure optimal performance.

You can view our installation guide here.

The Amsterdam fixture requires 5-8 hours of exposure to direct sunlight to fully recharge. This value varies depending on the strength of the solar rays with the position of the light fixture and the current season.

Absolutely! We recommend replacing the batteries 3 to 5 years after first use depending on the performance of the light. See our replacement batteries.

Our light offers 2 brightness levels: The low level provides 300 lumens, while the high level provides 400 lumens.

We offer a 2 year warranty on our solar light. You can also consult our warranty policy for more details.

Our fixture is eligible for returns if it does not perform as promised. You can consult our returns policy for more details.

For all return requests, please contact us at

Our team ships orders within 3 business days. Delivery time takes 1 to 10 days depending on the destination.

Yes! Solar panels simply need daylight to generate energy. However, direct exposure to sunlight greatly improves the battery recharge speed.

With proper maintenance, our light fixture made of resistant materials and high-performance electronic components will light up your home for at least 10 years!