Our difference

Thalia products were born to compete with all low-end solar products invading our store shelves.

How it works?


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Recommended initial recharge time is 8 hours.



Light up to 16 hours on a full charge!


The defects encountered among our competitors and their consequences...

The smaller the surface area of ​​the solar panels, the longer the battery recharge time will be. This is why our panel covers a large area of ​​430 cm2.

There are two types of solar panels: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. Polycrystalline has a much lower energy conversion rate than the monocrystalline type: the one used in our solar light.

Most popular low-end LED lights will burn out and deteriorate quickly, in addition to offering a much lower light intensity. Their lack of reliability makes their long-term use irrelevant.

Low energy storage capacity results in a very short lighting time. Additionally, when batteries are not made to resist freezing, this results in a significant reduction in battery performance or even the end of its life cycle. That's why we use high-performance rechargeable lithium batteries that are viable in all seasons.

Without a waterproof design, you may see batteries oxidizing, solar panels becoming opaque, electronic circuits failure, and a rapid deterioration in overall lighting performance. This is why we have prioritized waterproofing our electronic components in a sealed case. In addition, our design prioritizes water flow in order to avoid the presence of humidity in the solar light.

To cope with the realities of outdoor conditions in all seasons, it is essential that your lighting equipment is made with durable and solid materials: aluminum, resistant tempered glass and stainless steel all present in our Amsterdam outdoor light.

The physical appearance of the most popular outdoor solar lights on the market are very similar to each other. They represent a rather Victorian, triangular look, not fitting in with the modernity of our contemporary homes. This is why at Thalia , we do something different by offering you a modern, chic & warm look.

Most solar lights on the market offer low brightness between 30 and 100 lumens. This is rarely satisfactory when you want to light a house entrance or a backyard. That's why our solar light reaches up to 400 lumens.

Amsterdam collection


Our lights signed thalia combine an elegant and attracting design thanks to a warm light and a wooden touch.

Lampadaire Amsterdam - Thalia Éco Inc.


We offer 4 operating modes. Choose between high brightness or low . The OFF function allows you to turn off the light entirely. The AUTO mode is not a function meant for client use but for safe transport of the light.

Unrivaled performance

Developed by our Montreal engineers, our solar technology is the most reliable on the market.

We use the most efficient solar panels on the market in a waterproof design resistant to all four seasons by optimizing water flow.

Eco-responsible values

At Thalia, we are proud to develop products designed according to the principles of eco-design. That means renewable-source materials in a smart design that lasts longer.

Our dear design & development partners