The birth of a brand

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The founder

The brand Thalia is the creation of a young entrepreneur whose mission is to overturn the bias around solar lighting by offering the general public high-performance and durable products over time.

A little bit of history

It was in 2021 that Thalia Bastien, a passionate young entrepreneur, had the idea of ​​founding a solar lighting company that would compete with the low-end and inefficient versions currently invading the market. Determined to make her dream a reality, she partners with the best engineering experts to create the best products, in the image of her company.

Thalia's journey

After studying management at the university of Ottawa, Thalia launches her fisrt company. At that moment, she surrounds herself with experts to make this dream a reality.

More than 2 years later

The start-up is launching. The first solar lamp from the Amsterdam collection is born.

See the product


The company Thalia Éco wins the Osentreprendre challenge prize in May 2023

Our values


This value is reflected in the development of new products. Eco-design principles are adopted in all our practices.


In constant quest for improvement, we focus the development of our products on performance, durability and a modern Thalia touch.


Our goal is to inspire trust by promising the quality, reliability and transparency of our products and services. Building a long-term relationship with our customers is a priority.

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