Replacement batteries

Replacement batteries

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Replacement batteries extend the life of our products. Their large storage capacity and freeze resistance make them the best choice for our high-end lighting fixture.

Includes: 4 batteries per set * Only 1 set is needed per fixture.

Caution: To ensure electrical compatibility, only these batteries can be used to replace worn out batteries in our Amsterdam light.


  • High-performance battery : thanks to their large energy storage capacity, they can provide lighting for between 8 and 16 hours!
  • Effective in the cold : Several of our competitors use batteries that are not suitable for the cold. Our difference? We use frost-resistant batteries.

It only takes a few seconds to replace the batteries when they are too worn out. See our installation guide for full details.

Excellent brightness

2 modes

Our powerful LED reaches up to 300 lumens on high mode and 100 lumens on low mode

Illuminates long, recharges quickly

Record times

Our efficient battery fully charges in 5 hours under direct sunlight and illuminates your home for 12 hours.

Resistant to all four seasons

Our products are made to resist frost, rain and summer heat. Use our products all year round!



We offer 4 operating modes. Choose between high brightness or low. Choose AUTO mode to activate the motion sensor. The OFF function allows you to turn off the light.